Café Europa 

Project executed at DIPRO Innovation Design.  

Café Europa Espresso and Brewbar is a coffee shop located in Morelia, México. The interior design project made it for the new coffee shop gives to the user a state of comfort and sophistication suitable for socializing activities.

The furniture (except the chairs), included sofas were designed for the coffee brand. The rebranding for Café Europa, a coffee company with a long tradition, achieve to preserving and transmitting the values that have characterized it. 

Furniture materials: Parota wood, steel.
Accessories: Cooper, steel, stainless steel, colored glass. Architectural details: Handmade tiles, concrete and stone.

Winning award project in national contest a! Diseño 2013 (Interior design award) Mexico City.

Team members: Irving Ernesto Jiménez, Jorge Arturo Harada Velazquez, Astrid Andrea Sánchez Vázquez, Aranzazu Cordero Plascencia, Isela Karina Montes Velázquez y Pablo Villarreal Gutiérrez